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Venice 2014


Aftermath of November 4, 1966 Flood

“Venice was born in the water, Venice was born of the water. Today as yesterday, it triumphs over the water. At least this is the destiny that Venetian history assigned to the city.” - Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan [1]

Venice is like no other city. Its beauty and architectural singularity sprang from its relationship to the body of water in which it was constructed. It was a city built in a setting where large cities usually had not existed. However, the centuries are beginning to show. All areas of Venice, the city itself, the lagoon, and the seaward coast, are in various stages of deterioration caused by many factors including: increasing incidents of higher flooding, pollution from a number of sources, subsidence, both natural and man-made, and erosion, a result of stronger tides. The only hope for Venice’s survival is the collaboration of the entire international community, from scientists to engineers to politicians. Together we can build a future for Venice. 

[1] Cocks, Anna Somers. WMF.ORG, "The Science of Saving Venice." Last modified 2006. Accessed February 1, 2014.