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Venice 2014

The Pillars of Acre

In 1258, the Pillars of Acre, also known as the Pillars from the Church of St. Polyeuktos, were placed in front of the south entrance.[1]  Before they were placed at the Basilica San Marco, they were placed somewhere because they had no place to out them.  Over time, they were taken out again where they were thought to be the pillars they won after victory over Genoese in 13th century when they took the pillars out of Acre to place them outside of San Marco. With this confusion, for many years these pillars were thought to be from Acre, which is how they got their name.  They came to the realization that the Pillars were from the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople by looking at the capitals and comparing with that of the Church of St. Polyeuktos. The placement of the Pillars are quite awkwrard. This somewhat isolated position may seem strange but the Old Testament description of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem mentions two bronze pillars in the vestibule of the sanctuary.[2]  Both having the same pomegranate moldings around the columns. 

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