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La Bella Donna: The "Living Essence" in Titian's Portraits of Women from the 1530s and 1540s

This exhibit explores Titian's revolutionary portraits of women from the mid-16th century and compares them with contemporary Venetian and Florentine portraiture.

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Philip II and Titian's Late Mythologies

In the 1550s, Titian created six mythologies called the poesie for Philip II of Spain. Philip II wanted these works in order to bring the modern Renaissance style to his kingdom. In the poesie, Titian was influenced by the works of other Renaissance artists as well as Classical motifs, and these formed the basis of the modern style. All of the poesie depict tales of Classical mythology from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Titian strove to paint for the personal pleasure of the Catholic king, Philip II, who appreciated and respected Titian’s artworks.