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Creating Harmony Through Architecture: Brion Sanctuary at San Vito d'Altivole

Is it a tomb, a monument, a garden, a cemetery, or a necropolis? Carlo Scapra himself defines the Brion complex in San Vito d’Altivole as a pathway, at the same time emphasizing the exceptional nature of a project of sublime futility. Given the breadth of Carlo Scarpa’s work, it is not surprising that his most well-known, most visited, most photographed work, and the object of the greatest number of interpretations in Italian and international writing is also the most difficult to categorize.  The nature of the commission and the architectural effect achieved by Scarpa makes the tomb exceptionally difficult to define. Any attempt to identify or describe it includes the notion of a voyage. This exhibition seeks to prove that Scarpa was able to achieve multiple levels of harmony through the repetition of forms, materials, and themes. 


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